No Credit Leasing

Drivers license? Proof of income? If so, then you’re approved! Absolutely NO credit checks! This program is one of only few here in the state of Connecticut offering lease to own! We can automatically approve you within 24 hours!

TTRL can tell you what your payments will be with your option to pay weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Call today for more information about our inventory or make an appointment to hear more about this amazing program.

Quick approval

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Our No Credit Leasing Program

Advantages of no credit leasing
  • Flexible down payment
  • No Bank or Loan Companies
  • No Big Upfront Sales Tax
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Payment Plans
  • Short, Simple Application
  • Approvals within 24 hours
  • Payments automatically deducted from checking account
  • Property Taxes are included in your payments
  • We are very flexible and will work with you
  • Flexible payment options available
Additional no credit leasing benefits
  • You make the payments as agreed. After the last lease payment is made, you have the option to purchase the vehicle.
  • Looking to upgrade? You may be eligible to trade in your car at anytime and start over with the vehicle of your choice.
  • Save even more money with an early buyout.

Don’t have the full deposit?

Ask about our Deferred Deposit Program!

how no credit leasing works

to get started you will need:
you will also need to:
  • Application
  • Have a valid Photo Drivers License
  • 2. Down Payment
  • Provide Proof of Income (Last 2 Pay stubs)
  • 3. Proof of Insurance for the vehicle you are leasing (Comprehensive, Collision, Liability)